Benefits of S.T.E.P.

The next cohort 7 of S.T.E.P. will officially begin on the 25th of March 2024, the program has a track record of graduating over fifty talented professionals from various African countries before we continue what is S.T.E.P. you may ask? Well, it's not your run-of-the-mill training program; it's a game-changer crafted by Spurt! It stands for Spurt! Training & Empowerment Program which is a comprehensive and intensive professional training programme that has been carefully crafted by Spurt! to cater to the needs of university students, corps members and fresh graduates in Africa. The program is geared towards equipping these young individuals with practical skills and knowledge that they can apply in the real world.

At S.T.E.P., we offer a dynamic blend of hands-on workshops, engaging lectures, and personalized mentoring sessions. This unique approach enables our Steppers to forge meaningful connections with seasoned professionals, immersing themselves in real-world scenarios to gain invaluable experience.

But why choose S.T.E.P.? It's simple: our program is tailor-made to tackle the distinct challenges that young professionals encounter in Africa. From limited access to resources to a scarcity of mentorship opportunities, we understand the hurdles you face. That's why we're dedicated to providing participants with the essential tools and guidance they need to chart their path to success. By empowering our Steppers to become self-sufficient and resilient, we're not just shaping careers we're shaping futures.

This program offers a multitude of benefits to its trainees, fostering growth and success through various avenues:

a. Integrated Collaboration Centres: By establishing integrated collaboration centres with other organizations sharing aligned missions, S.T.E.P. creates fertile ground for networking, knowledge exchange, and collective problem-solving. This collaborative environment enriches the learning experience and opens doors to new opportunities for participants.

b. Demand-Driven Training Programs and Mentorship Opportunities: S.T.E.P. goes beyond generic training by providing demand-driven programs tailored to the current needs of industries. Coupled with personalized mentorship opportunities, participants gain practical insights and guidance from experienced professionals, enhancing their skill sets and career prospects.

c. Linkage to Employment Opportunities: Through S.T.E.P., trainees are seamlessly connected to employment opportunities, ensuring a smooth transition from learning to implementation. This linkage not only bolsters their confidence but also provides a practical avenue for applying the knowledge and skills acquired during the program, setting them on the path to success.

d. Closing the Gap between Graduates and Early Career Professionals: S.T.E.P. serves as a bridge, closing the wide gap between recent graduates and early-career professionals' capabilities and corporate expectations. By equipping participants with industry-relevant skills, soft skills, and a deep understanding of corporate dynamics, S.T.E.P. empowers them to navigate the professional landscape with confidence and competence.

We are very focused on the following too:

  • Engaging and Relevant Training: At S.T.E.P., our training goes beyond the conventional. We ensure that every session is not only engaging but also directly addresses the needs and aspirations of our participants.

  • Hands-on experience: The final weeks of the STEP are spent doing hands-on activity, a form of internship to reinforce the skills and knowledge gained through the training, it also provides valuable work experience which can enhance their resume.


Our impact speaks volumes, as echoed by the heartfelt testimonials from our past trainees. Here's what James had to say about his experience: "Participating in S.T.E.P. has been the highlight of my recent career growth and development journey. The program equipped me with practical skills that have been invaluable in my day-to-day work. I commend the intentional effort and resources put into curating this program. I'm grateful for the opportunity and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to develop their career."

Bornavita shares a profound reflection on her experience with S.T.E.P.: "After the program, I gained clarity on what I didn't want to pursue and discovered numerous possibilities within my area of interest. During my career review session, I expressed my desire to pursue cybersecurity and received affirmation that it was indeed possible. Since then, I've been fully supported in venturing into this field while also maintaining my internship offer at Spurt! I couldn't be more grateful for the guidance and opportunities provided by S.T.E.P."

This is just a glimpse into the incredible journey of S.T.E.P. We're immensely proud to have empowered over fifty young professionals across Africa, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to excel in their careers. But this is just the beginning.

Future cohorts promise an even greater reach, continuing to bridge the gap between theory and real-world experience for Africa's rising stars. We're passionate about nurturing the next generation of leaders, and S.T.E.P. is our commitment to their success.