Find Roles in Impact-Driven Companies

Our Brand Promise

We convene, develop and excite the best young African leaders who are passionate about the economic development of their continent. Spurt! was founded to develop local companies into regional giants working with our clients to make people more productive, operations more efficient and strategy more aligned with vision.

  • Meticulously and adventurously engage with opportunity

    • Maintain an unwavering commitment to positive impact
    • Passionately and persistently represent the best of African talent
    • Optimise client processes without compromising people
    • Unlock prosperity by unleashing the potential of our clients and continent
  • Propel our clients towards global success and impact-driven achievement

    • Value our client's mission as much as we value our own
    • Develop and embrace African models of success
    • Relentlessly pursue new models for African inclusion
    • Innovate boldly and intentionally for client success
  • Design enabling environments which allow people to grow

    • Be non-hierarchical and humble
    • Be honest and forthright with ourselves, our colleagues and our clients
    • Commit to growth; each day being better than the last
    • Establish an inclusive culture with an uncompromising focus on Africa

Our Values

Our values allow us to create systemic change by both challenging and enabling entrepreneurs to look at and beyond the obvious for innovation and improvement.

  • 1


    We love to work with people who are energised and excited by new terrain rather than terrified by it. We love ambitious thinkers.

  • 2


    We always read the fine print and value attention to detail in our colleagues. We find joy in the big and the little picture!

  • 3


    You won’t be able to copy and paste an MBB framework to solve the problems we tackle. You must be ready to push past the hard spots into great solutions

  • 4


    Some places value mavericks with questionable ethics. We don’t. We want people who are their best and whole selves and value ethics and accountability. Africa needs real “Honourables”!

  • 5


    Our teams are full of people who are resilient, reliable and driven. We love to work with people who demonstrate a intense commitment to excellence.

  • 6


    Soft skills are nice and we really value them but when the rubber meets the road, you need to be able to bring real technical value. Be great (or at least super good) at something! Africa needs skills!

Careers at Spurt!

We are always on the lookout for great African talent to support our work and the work of our clients and partners. Sign up either to our consultant pool for opportunities with us or to our job opportunities form if you want to work with our clients. Either way, you will be at the helm of making African startups more competitive globally.

Great perks of working with the SpurtX! Team

Working at SpurtX! Has amazing benefits that compliment the amazing salary compensation.

  • Full Ownership

    We trust the team and provide them the freedom to make the best choices. Without micromanagement, the results are what matters more to us.

  • Awesome People

    You will be working alongside intelligent, humble, and cooperative individuals ready to collaborate and execute tasks.

  • Transparency

    You will work in an environment that is fully transparent and with pure intentions.

  • Training

    You’ll experience hands on training and be given the opportunity to consistently build your knowledge, skills and abilities.