Some Of The Best (And Affordable) Ways To Create A Healthy Workspace

Some Of The Best (And Affordable) Ways To Create A Healthy Workspace

Creating a healthy and happy workplace for your employees do not have to cost and arm and a leg. You do not have to buy your employees food everyday neither do you have to organize a corporate hangout every week nor give them 2 days off in a week. You also do not have to allow them play loud music during working hours to supposedly create a healthy and happy workspace. I mean, I cannot possibly tell you what to do, I only come with facts that might interest you. Maybe this topic has been on your mind for a while now. Just maybe! Don’t worry, this article has arrived to inform you of some of the basic, simple and inexpensive ways for you to create a healthy workspace for your employees.

  1. Be healthy and non-toxic for yourself first


You might want to start by being in a healthy space yourself. There is a legal Latin phrase, “nemo dat quod non habet” which means: You cannot give what you do not have”. As their leader you have to be mentally stable and happy. You cannot bring your frustration and anger to work every day and expect your work environment to be healthy. You would definitely transfer it. So help yourself so you can help your employees, thus help your business. Take care of yourself, eat healthy, get enough sleep, meditate if that is your thing, plan your day and stay happy. You can only think of innovative ways to keep your employees happy if you are in a healthy space. It is only leaders with clear minds that can think of using Spark!

2. Engage your employees


With the appropriate amount of tasks assigned to your employees, you can be sure that your employees will not have time for gossip and other ills of the workplace. When an employee feels engaged in their workplace, the benefits can be numerous. One of the benefits is increased productivity. Employees who feel engaged tend to perform better than those who do not feel engaged. The engaged employees are always in touch with their company’s mission. Plus, they have the zeal, energy and motivation to work. Do you know what tops it? The feeling of fulfillment your employees will have when they have completed their tasks. It might sound ironic but it is the truth. According to Steve Maraboli “Happiness is not the absence of problems, it is the ability to deal with them”. Here I have replaced Marabolis “problems” with “work”.

3. Create a good company culture for your business


Evidence reveals that 74% of employees in the US and UK value company culture and 58% of employees will take a job that has a good company culture over a job that doesn’t. How long does it take for employees to get a promotion in your company? How much do they have to work? Do you offer your employees an opportunity to grow? Maybe you should tell them to draft and submit their personal development plan. Maybe you would have 20 minutes in a week where your employees play an intellectual game or maybe you would have a list of welfare questions you would ask your employees in your Friday meetings. In the same vein of a good company culture, recheck your values and policies. Do you have any discriminatory policy? Does it seem like your company is not receptive towards black people, persons with physical disabilities or women? You might want to check all of the above. It is important for your upper management and leaders within your company to recognize their employees for a job well done. When employees are heard, seen, and appreciated, they would be happier in their positions. Spark! helps businesses use the productivity metrics of their employees to give rewards and recognition to whom it is due.


In conclusion, making your employees happy is not a difficult task. With the few above tips and the use of Spark! You can be sure that your employees will be like those little kids that anticipate school. It might be because they like their teacher or their classmates. It can also be because they like school itself. Whatever it is, they are happy and your workers can be too.