The difference between Information Technology and Information Systems- What you need to know

The difference between I.T and I.S- What you need to know

Information Technology and Information Systems are not necessarily the same thing but they are mixed up all the time.

Let’s unpack the difference shall we?

Did you know that Information technology is a subset of Information systems?

If you didn’t, well here’s how it works.

Information Systems and Information Technology 

Have been used over time by many people interchangeably, however, these two terms are different and one happens to be a mother bud carrying the other. While people believe Information Systems are mainly computer-based, hence the difficulty distinguishing from Information Technology, Information Systems can be simple tools put together to create a system to achieve something or an output.

What Is Information System (IS)?

Information System is simply a general term for People, Process and Technology designed to establish/create, store, give out information. Although Information Systems rely heavily on computers and other technological equipment, however not all Information Systems are computer-based and some are non-technological systems and an example of this is the Management Information System (MIS) which is a system that helps a business make decisions, improve performance and also analyze and coordinate information. Technology comes in as a support and helps facilitate the employment of the system. This means the MIS is an Information System on its own without technology but technology comes afterward to aid and facilitate the system.

What Is Information Technology (IT)?

Information Technology is simply the design, implementation, transfer, accessibility and management of computer-based information systems. It falls basically under the IS and focuses mainly on technologies with an existing system. IT encompasses hardware, software, networks and databases.

Information Technology being a subset of Information systems focuses on managing technology within the system and helping users make the most out of its availability and adequacy.

The key difference between information systems and technology

Information System is an umbrella that absorbs the PPT (People, Processes and Technology) involved with information, a reason why Information technology is an arm of Information systems. Information Systems encompass all.

Information Technology on the other hand involves the design, transfer, implementation and accessibility of information within the information system.

This means that for Information Technology to exist, there has to be a system that is generally referred to as an Information system. The system drives the People, Processes and Technology.

Information System Professionals can utilize both technology and other systems to drive an organization and achieve overall business goals and objectives. While Information Technology professionals focus more on building the software and hardware or any technological machine put in place which helps and serves an organization but with restrictions to the machines and wares and not the system at large.

Summarily Information systems (IS) is a broader approach to Information Technology (IT) which is a subset of Information systems (IS).

Now you know.