Meet the game changers in Africa’s HR Saas scene

Meet the game changers in Africa’s HR Saas scene

TechPoint Africa describes the HR Market in Africa as an emerging market. One in which there is excess room for growth. With ups and downs, various challenges and wins recorded, the market thrives still. The arena would not be recognized if it weren’t for the gladiators that lay within.

In this article, the spotlight rests on Key Players in the market, their wins so far, and their plans for the coming decade.

With that said, the big players who are also forerunners in Nigeria’s promising HR Market include the following companies.

1. SeamlessHR

SeamlessHR, dubbing itself as ‘Workday for Africa,’ helps medium to large-sized companies automate and optimize their entire HR process from recruitment to offboarding. In October of 2020, they were able to raise Seven Figure Funding to push their course further. As CEO Dr. Okeleji notably says in an interview, the company aims to broaden its clientele and become a unicorn- a $1B valued company within the next decade.

2. PeopleHum

PeopleHum is a one-view integrated platform for the complete employee experience and journey from hiring to offboarding. They aid businesses and organizations in optimizing effectively for the entire process, providing meaningful analytics that improves decision-making for the organization’s overall growth. Although their goals for the coming decade aren’t set in stone for the public to see, they have developed an efficient content marketing strategy where they discuss problems pertaining to HR and offer their products as solutions. This is an efficient growth strategy.

3. SystemSpecs

Based in Victoria Island, Nigeria, SystemSpecs was founded in 1992 by John Obaro. HumanManager, payroll, and the goal management package are features, first developed by the indigenous company. It is the African software pioneer with almost 30 years of robust solutions to business organizations — small, medium and large, and federal, in Nigeria and Africa. With a goal to expand into other continents and dominate by 2028. SystemSpecs aims to become a giant in the HR space with time.

4. Accur8HR

Accur8HR is a cloud-based people management solution built into a Microsoft Azure system that addresses today’s business challenges. It is a one-stop human capital solutions partner for Nigerian organizations owned by OnePyramid Consulting Limited. They have succeeded in tailoring their software to the Nigerian market-specific requirements. As a result, the software offers unique and economical technology products and services that enable Nigerian companies to achieve their business goals. And while they aim to invest heavily in brand awareness, the technology will become heavily embraced.

Of course, there are other software types popular among African companies but not made by Africans. This preference occurs for various reasons that differ from company to company. Nonetheless, the coming decade should bring more innovation towards the HR Market in Africa and steer companies to invest in “Made in Africa” software.