Leverage this Growth framework also used by Fortune 500 companies

Leverage this Growth framework also used by Fortune 500 companies

In 3 minutes, you will understand what the PPT framework is and how you can leverage it for growth.

What is the PPT Framework?

The PPT Framework simply means the PeopleProcess, and Technology Framework and has been in existence since the early 1960s. This framework is usually used by successful INC 5000 companies to decide whether to purchase or implement new technologies.

Why is the PPT Framework important?

The three (3) elements of the PPT Framework are required to align properly for effective results. The absence of one of these elements may be described as a standard tricycle where one wheel is missing leaves the tricycle with 2 legs, allowing it to wobble and rendering it irrelevant for its required purpose.

This analogy simply describes how the three elements in this framework work in harmony. Where, if one element is not properly aligned or in place, other elements will not function as effectively as they should.

An organization that lacks efficient processes may result in ineffective people, thus affecting existing technology that has been put in place. While technology helps to Simplify tasks and monitor operations in real-time, businesses need to understand and fix major loopholes that may hinder the effective running of implemented technology.

How can businesses leverage the PPT Framework for growth?

To get the PPT framework to work effectively, companies should be able to identify their weaknesses and aim at solving them. According to Rick Morris, owner of R2 Consulting, an experienced project manager and public speaker, he says and we quote,

“ In an attempt to adopt the PPT Framework, it is important to focus on the People first, then the Process second all which are required to ensure that the appropriate resources are available before taking into consideration Technology which should be the last of all 3 elements.”

People form an integral part of any organization, and this element is also the most important element of the PPT triangle. They should understand what is required of them to drive the process put in place. Without people, nothing can happen.

The process is a series of steps or actions that must be carried out to achieve set objectives. The process cannot execute itself without the involvement of people.

Technology is there to ease operations and activities; however, technology cannot run itself without the right people and processes within the organization. Companies need to be able to identify Technology that meets the business changing needs before acquiring and implementing it.

The PPT framework is a very interesting and effective framework that enhances a business. All that is required is for a business to identify loopholes that may hinder the efficiency of this framework and fix it almost immediately to enjoy the huge benefits that come with it.