Top 30 Productivity Hacks To Get More Done

We Reviewed Simplilearn’s Top 30 Productivity Hacks To Get More Done In 2023

One can easily relate to the introduction of this article. Sometimes, we leave work feeling futile and unproductive, we wish we could have done more but that is just a wish. Some other times, we leave work feeling very fulfilled. It has happened to everyone, including the most productive man on earth.

The writer of this article informs us about productivity, its importance and goes ahead to list the top 30 productivity hacks. Browsing the web, you’d discover that different persons have their top 10 or top 20 or even top 100 productivity hacks and it is delightful to know that despite the fact that productivity can differ based on employment, industry and task, these productivity hacks can be used anywhere regardless of what productivity means to anybody.

Here, we would be reviewing the writer’s top 30 productivity hacks and we’ve asked people to rearrange the order. The writer’s number one might be another person’s number 2, and for this article review, I have interviewed a Finance manager, a social media manager and a front-end developer. Understanding that the productivity hacks you see online are just a reflection of what someone does when they feel stressed, regressive and/or confused will make you explore enough to discover your own hack for productively doing things. Read the original article for the order of the author’s productivity hacks.

I spoke to the finance manager, Aminat. Aminat is in charge of the expenditure of the company she works for. She manages the company’s revenue, cuts down unnecessary costs, makes budget for the different projects that go on in her company, as well as reviewing the budget made by other employees.

Aminat definitely has a lot of things on her plate, so I asked her how she does it. I asked her how she is able to complete her numerous tasks in a short period. We had a long conversation and I asked her to list her top 5 productivity hacks, starting from her number one go-to productivity hack.

Aminat said that her number 1 productivity hack would be planning ahead. She gets impromptu tasks too, so she makes provision for contingencies. The last three hacks she mentioned include; Attempting the easy tasks first, Prioritizing and taking regular breaks. Planning ahead has always made her stay ahead, accomplish a lot, and manage her company’s money effectively.

Opeyemi is a social media manager. She creates audio, video and written content for her company. Her job does not stop at content creation; she executes, tracks, manages and schedules the publishing of these content on various social media platforms. I asked Opeyemi the same question that I asked Aminat. What is your favorite and most useful productivity hack and she said that taking regular breaks has been very helpful. She for one, didn’t believe in having to look for hacks, but when someone advised her to take regular breaks, which she did, she was able to rapidly and accurately create content. Four other hacks according to priority for Opeyemi include; making a checklist, creating a dedicated workspace, using a productive technique and setting deadlines.

The front-end developer, Sonia, always makes a checklist. She says it works for her every time. She lists the tasks for each day and makes a checklist out of it. She uses website blockers because she gets easily distracted, she takes regular breaks, uses a dedicated workspace and avoids multi-tasking.


At the end of the day, people have their personal productivity hacks they use in order to be productive. Enterprises cannot choose the hacks they deem fit and enforce it on their employees because individuals work differently. However, businesses can make use of productivity tools to scale productivity.

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