Grow Your Business With Spurt! Tools

When we set out to build Spurt! we did so because we wanted to trigger exponential growth in businesses led by African entrepreneurs. This is why we chose the name “Spurt!”, (shortened from a growth spurt) to exactly embody our mission as a venture. We built an incredible team in the time that followed, and our commitment to leveraging digital technology and data led us to an important discovery — businesses struggled to grow for many reasons, but at the root of all their challenges were people. We saw it time and time again as small businesses struggled to effectively harness their people’s potential for productivity and profit.

Furthermore, we committed ourselves to finding and/or building solutions that helped propel our clients and other businesses forward. This journey led us to spin out a new arm of our business focused entirely on people operations tools. Over the past year, the Spurt! team has worked tirelessly to develop the flagship product for that arm, called Sync! which is a digital workspace for new and/or small businesses.

Sync! distinguishes itself from other platforms and resources by enabling team leaders and business owners to perform end-to-end business operations on one platform. You can invite your colleagues to collaborate on new or existing projects or leverage our talent marketplace to find freelancers. The platform enables robust task management and messaging features, which make communications around project coordination seamless We have also enabled features on the platform that allow you to tie performance directly to compensation via milestones and escrow payments. What this means is that you can easily transition your KPIs or OKRs from each department or individual to the platform for effective performance management and goal-based compensation.

One of the hallmarks of our private beta was our appreciation of the way that Sync! enables companies and freelancers to thrive despite local and global upheavals in the nature of work. By using our platform to coordinate your team’s activities, you eliminate the performance anxieties of hybrid/remote work and the frustrations of wasted resources.

We invite any hustling solopreneurs, small business entrepreneurs, and team leaders to sign up to enjoy a free trial. We built this for you. Welcome to the future of collaborative work.


About Spurt!

At Spurt! we leverage digital and social technologies to trigger and nurture the transformative growth of businesses. Our group’s operations are clustered into five operating arms: SolutionsPaperclipMadeIn!SpurtX!, and S.T.E.P.

To learn how Spurt! can help your business grow, watch this video.