Long Term Strategies for An African Recovery from COVID-19

Long Term Strategies for An African Recovery from COVID-19

At Spurt! We are always looking to amplify solutions to critical and specific problems in Sub Saharan Africa. This week, we reviewed Long Term Strategies for An African Recovery — A CEO’s perspective by Ashish Thakrar.

The Brookings Institution has been proactive about putting out research material that focuses on African growth and potential each year. Expectedly, the content with a focus on 2021 heavily tackled what recovery from the aftershocks of the COVID-19 pandemic would look like from a business leader’s perspective.

This article tackled the intricacies of playing the long game in ensuring that African countries are able to build resilient economies with all the complex nuances of individual countries considered.

The three-pronged approach touches on the reconfiguration of value chains, intra-regional collaboration and increased digitalization and how the three intersect to exacerbate certainty, stability and ease of doing business.

There’s also a crucial case to be made for the private sector and public sector partnership in fortifying the economic recovery of the African countries.

Agreeably, there needs to be a more guided focus in ensuring that value chains across different sectors can be harnessed further encouraging the need to collaborate.

It is also important to pay attention to other factors that might hamper the complete integration of the three approaches. Factors such as regional relationships within certain blocs determine to a large extent how successful these efforts could be.

Recently, the East African community has been hitting the headlines with strained diplomatic relations between Kenya and Tanzania curtailing the ease of movement between the two countries. It certainly becomes clear that with such dramatic differences in approaches towards similar situations, the three-pronged approach can only go so far in cementing rebuilding efforts.

For more resilient systems to be built, the future cannot only be dependent on the private sector. Partnerships between the public and private sector will go a long way in full proofing economic systems across the board.

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