Spurt! Brief April 2024.


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April is here, and a brand-new quarter is upon us! We at Spurt! wish you a vibrant and successful Q2, filled with opportunities to blossom and grow. But before you dive headfirst into conquering Q2, we have some exciting news to share. Our Spurt! The Merch Store is officially LIVE!

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This month, we are turning our focus to a theme that's as vital as fresh air – What is green about renewable energy?

As the world strives for a more sustainable future, renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and geothermal power are taking centre stage. But what exactly makes them "green"? This April, we will delve into the benefits of renewables, exploring how they can power our lives while safeguarding our planet.

Get ready to:

Uncover the environmental benefits of renewable energy.

Discover how these clean sources can fuel your business and your future.

Explore the latest advancements and innovations in the renewable energy sector.

Beyond Green:

Here is what we have got for you today;

Stay Informed on our Upcoming Events this Month!

Enjoy exclusive discounts on Bujeti as we partner with them to offer enhanced Budget Management to our clients.

Get the latest business news across Africa.

And Lots More.

Remember, you can always reach out with questions or suggestions at growth@spurt.group . We are here to help you thrive!

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Upcoming Spurt! Events This Month


We are excited to announce that we have new events coming up this month!

Renewable energy has become an everyday topic in today's market, with many entities merely paying lip service to the concept without fully understanding the true 'green' nature of renewable energy.

But here we pause to ask, what truly makes renewable energy green?

Find answers at our webinar, where we uncover the true 'green' nature of renewable energy, explore its impactful nature and explore the principles that make renewable energy a genuinely sustainable choice, which could inspire you to become a renewable energy entrepreneur.

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Unveiling Our New Partner: Bujeti


We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Bujeti, a leading provider of comprehensive financial management solutions. This collaboration is designed to empower your business with enhanced expense and budget management capabilities, ultimately propelling your growth.

Bujeti offers a robust platform that simplifies expense tracking, analysis, and optimisation. Through services like corporate cards, budget and expense management, Bujeti streamlines your financial operations and empowers informed decision-making.

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Navigating Uncertainty: A Deep Dive into Nigeria's Crypto Landscape (Free Report Available!)


The recent investigation into Binance executives has cast a shadow of uncertainty over the Nigerian cryptocurrency landscape. However, amidst these developments, a significant shift is taking place – Nigeria's move towards regulated crypto adoption.

This regulatory approach presents a unique opportunity for businesses to explore the potential of cryptocurrency while mitigating risks. To assist you in navigating this evolving market, we are pleased to offer its latest research report: The Future of Cryptocurrency: The Nigeria Landscape.

This comprehensive report provides:

In-depth analysis of current trends and developments in Nigerian cryptocurrency adoption.

Expert insights on the impact of the recent Binance investigation on both users and businesses.

Clear understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with regulated crypto adoption.

Actionable strategies to potentially leverage cryptocurrency within your business operations.

Why is understanding Nigeria's crypto future important?

Nigeria, as Africa's most populous nation, plays a pivotal role in shaping the continent's digital financial landscape. Understanding the dynamics of its crypto market equips you to make informed decisions for your business.

Download your FREE copy of The Future of Cryptocurrency: The Nigeria Landscape today!

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We are committed to providing you with the knowledge and resources needed to thrive in today's dynamic business environment.

Business News This Week

Ghana- Ghana's cocoa production is at risk! Over 4,300 hectares of recently rehabilitated cocoa farms in the Ashanti Region are threatened by illegal gold mining activities. This loss could significantly impact Ghana's cocoa output and foreign exchange earnings. Read More Here.

Nigeria - Nigeria's government plans an "Emergency Economic Bill" to increase revenue from non-oil sectors. This includes expanding the tax base, improving tax compliance, and reviewing tax breaks. The goal is to diversify income and reduce reliance on oil. Read More Here.

Kenya- Kenya Boosts Food Security with New RTB Lab. Kenya is investing Sh260 million in a new East Africa Germplasm Exchange Laboratory (RTB-EAGEL) to improve food security. This state-of-the-art facility will Speed up testing and release of new, higher-yielding crop varieties, enhance pest and disease management for RTB crops (Roots, Tubers & Bananas) and facilitate germplasm exchange among researchers in East Africa. Read More Here.

South Africa - South Africa's mining sector is experiencing a boom! Production surged by 9.9% year-on-year in February 2024, driven by strong performances in iron ore, manganese, and coal. This positive trend bodes well for the industry's continued growth. Read More Here.

Grants and Opportunities

Women in Africa (WIA) Young Leaders Program 2024 for young African Women. The WIA Young Leaders program aims at supporting and highlighting young African women leaders who will play a major role in the African revolution. Open to all African Females between Ages 25-40. Application Deadline: 21st April 2024. Apply Here

Applications are now open for the 2024 Flat6Labs/Organon Women’s Health Accelerator Program.The Women’s Health Accelerator Program, launched by Flat6Labs and Organon, a global healthcare company, aims to support Femtech startups focused on improving women’s health and wellness in the Middle East, North Africa, and Turkey (MENAT) region. Application Deadline: Not Specified. Apply Here.

Orange Corners Ghana Business Accelerator Programme 2024. The Orange Corners programme facilitates connections between innovative entrepreneurs and the private sector, providing avenues for accessing finance, notably through the Orange Corners Innovation Fund. Application Deadline: 28th April 2024. Apply Here.

Call For Applications: GoGettaz Agripreneur Prize Competition 2024 (Up to 100,000 US Dollars in prize). Open to all Agripreneurs below 35 years across Africa. Deadline: 10th June 2024. Apply Here.