Spurt! Brief February 2024. Vol.2


Dear Valued Subscribers,

Checking in as we wrap up another month in the world of African entrepreneurship!  Before we dive in, how are you? Did you face any exciting challenges, score some impressive wins, or stumble upon any unexpected adventures this week? Share your story with us in the comments – we would love to hear about it!  

We have some great news for Nigerian entrepreneurs: SMEDAN, the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria, has announced a game-changing initiative to boost local production capacity and unlock domestic and international market access for SMEs like yours. This initiative presents a significant opportunity for SMEs to enhance their competitiveness and expand their reach. We are actively gathering details and will provide further information as soon as possible. 

We encourage you to revisit the resources and grant opportunities highlighted in our previous newsletter. If you identified any opportunities that align with your business goals, but require assistance navigating the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us. We remain committed to providing comprehensive support to our network of entrepreneurs. 

Beyond the Headlines. 

  • Meet our masterclasses expert speakers!  

  • Introducing HR Toolkit! Join Our Beta Programme. 

  • Business News Across Africa 

  • Grants and Opportunities.    

Remember, you can always reach out with questions or suggestions at growth@spurt.group. We are here to help you thrive! 

Future-Proof Your Workforce: Meet the Experts Leading Our Future-Proof Masterclass!   


Get Ready to Thrive in a Changing World 

The future of work is here, and it's changing rapidly. Are you equipped to lead your team to success in this evolving landscape? 

Our Future-Proof Masterclass is just 1 day away, and we are thrilled to introduce the exceptional speakers who will guide you on this transformative journey. 

Isioma Utomi is a leadership and productivity coach with over 14 years of global experience, Isioma empowers busy leaders to work smarter, achieve their goals with ease, and build agile teams that can adapt to anything.  

Kolawole-Okeowo is the Director of Operations at FRNG Limited, He brings a wealth of expertise in financial services and strategic planning. He's passionate about building a future-proof workforce that is flexible, adaptable, and ready for anything. 

Toun Tunde-Anjous is the founder of The People Practice, Toun is a seasoned people and culture professional with 10 years of experience in various industries. Her innovative approach helps startups and small businesses create people-centred cultures that foster growth, innovation, and satisfaction.  

Princess Edokpayi is a certified product designer and COO at Spurt! Princess has a unique blend of expertise in product design, Human Resources, and strategic business management. Her commitment to innovation and continuous learning aligns perfectly with the principles of future-proofing your business. 

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AI Revolution in Advertising? Masterclass with Top Experts! (Limited Spots & Discounts!) 


Are you ready to harness the power of Generative AI and revolutionise your digital advertising strategies? Join us for an eye-opening masterclass featuring visionary leaders who are shaping the future of the industry. 

Meet the Masterclass Architects:  

Fu'ad Lawal: A media and technology veteran, Fu'ad has a proven track record of transforming businesses with cutting-edge solutions. His experience at leading media companies like Pulse and Big Cabal Media equips him with invaluable insights into the evolving advertising landscape. 

Tannaz Bahnam: From passion project to thriving business, Tannaz is a true entrepreneur who understands the power of connecting with audiences. As the CEO of Lost in Lagos and Awari App, she brings a wealth of knowledge and a forward-thinking mindset to the conversation.  

Ized Uanikhehi: With over 14 years of experience working with major brands, Ized is a marketing powerhouse. Her expertise in digital media and data analysis will provide you with actionable insights and strategies to leverage the power of AI in your advertising campaigns.  

Kehinde Olateru: Kehinde is and AI enthusiast and the co-founder of ZeroComplex AI. He is dedicated to demystifying and democratising artificial intelligence, making it accessible and impactful for businesses of all sizes. Driven by a passion for innovation, Kehinde's mission is to bridge the gap between cutting-edge AI solutions and everyday business needs. 

Don't miss this opportunity to: 

  • Learn from the best: Gain insights from industry leaders at the forefront of AI advertising. 

  • Discover innovative strategies: Explore proven methods to leverage AI and achieve remarkable results. 

  • Stay ahead of the curve: Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to navigate the evolving advertising landscape. 

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IWD 2024: Women Entrepreneurs Bootcamp   


Are you an Accra-based woman entrepreneur who is looking for an opportunity to refresh, boost business and build new networks?     If so, register for the 2024 IWD Women Entrepreneurs Bootcamp holding March 4-5, 2024, in Accra. 

Expert facilitators will deliver hands-on workshops on brand storytelling, pitching, market access, networking and leadership for team success. The bootcamp will culminate in a networking mixer for investors, sponsors and female founders. 

Register for the post-event mixer here. 

African Female Founders: Celebrate Your Journey at the 2nd African Amazons Masterclass!


Oui Capital in partnership with Spurt! is calling all women entrepreneurs in Africa!

In honour of International Women's Day, Join the 2nd edition of the African Amazons Masterclass, exclusively for female entrepreneurs building their dreams against all odds.

This virtual event, taking place on March 8th, 2024, connects you with leading minds in the ecosystem and fellow African female founders.

Master the skills to:

Build financially strong businesses despite funding challenges.

Make smart investments to de-risk your growth.

Develop products with market resonance.

Balance your workload efficiently.

Ace due diligence and avoid pitfalls specific to female founders.

Confront and overcome gender-based hurdles in entrepreneurship.

Limited spots available! Applications close March 2nd!

Register Now!

Don't miss this empowering opportunity to learn, connect, and thrive!

Introducing HR Toolkit: The Future of HR Management for African Businesses 


At Spurt! we are passionate about empowering African businesses to thrive. Following the success of Sync!, used by over 1,000 businesses across the continent, we have identified a key challenge: simplifying people management.   

Introducing HR Toolkit! the ground-breaking solution designed to simplify your HR operations! 

HR Toolkit empowers you to:  

  • Recruit: Spot! helps you find the perfect talent with ease.

  • Reward: Spark! motivates your team with engaging rewards programs. 

  • Review & Survey: Spur! facilitates performance reviews and employee surveys for valuable insights. 

Join our exclusive Beta program and be among the first to experience the future of work with our FREE 12-week Beta program starting on February 26th!  

Here's why you should join: 

  • Free access to HR Toolkit!

  • Shape the future of the product with your feedback. 

  • Gain a competitive edge by embracing the latest HR technology. 

  • Become a part of a community of forward-thinking businesses. 

Click here to register for the Beta program! 

Together, let's revolutionise how African businesses manage their most valuable asset: their people! 

Business News This Week 

Ghana -LemFi, has secured approval from the Bank of Ghana (BoG) to partner with Nsano Limited. This collaboration allows LemFi to offer seamless money transfer services directly to mobile money wallets and bank accounts across the country.  Read More Here.

Nigeria - The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is proposing stricter regulations for Bureau De Change (BDC) operators, aiming to ban street trading, limit cash transactions, increase transparency and promote cashless transactions. Read More Here.

 Kenya- Kenya's gig economy is poised for a stellar 33% growth in the next five years, highlighting the significant role of digital platforms in job creation and supporting livelihoods. Kenya's gig economy, which is currently valued at $109 million, support over 36,000 individual acts as a crucial bridge to formal employment for 82% of the workforce currently engaged in the informal sector, according to Marcus Dukes, founder of the Humanity NFT programs. Read More Here

DRC - The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is actively seeking modern investors for its mineral sector, aiming to leverage its vast resources for sustainable economic development. Read More Here

Grant and Opportunities  

Unicef Startup Lab Accelerator Programme. UNICEF StartUp Lab is a six-month accelerator programme for impactful startups and businesses working to advance the Sustainable Development Goals for children and young people. It provides a unique service by integrating an intense, hands-on business acceleration through wide-reaching technical expertise and systems knowledge in the social sector. Open to women entrepreneurs in Ghana.

Grant Amount: Up to GHS 32,000. Application Deadline: 29th February 2024.  Apply Here.

Applications are now open for the Entrepreneurship World Cup. Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC) is one of the biggest and most diverse startup pitch competitions and has featured more than 370,000 entrepreneurs from over 200 countries and territories while offering winners life-changing prizes. Open to all entrepreneurs worldwide.

Application Deadline: 1st April 2024. Apply Here.

Apply for the Rockstart Startup Fund which empowers early-stage startups with groundbreaking visions for a regenerative and sustainable future across three domains: Energy, AgriFood, and Emerging Technologies. Open to all early-stage startups with a focus on agritech and food tech. 

Application Deadline: 1st April 2024. Apply Here.   

Application is ongoing Chat for Gen-AI Accelerator 2024 for impact-driven organizations working in health, education and economic mobility with a well-defined theory of change or business case. Organizations should be committed to leveraging AI to support a secure, private and personalized chat service. Candidates for the program need to have existing digital services in production (not necessarily AI-powered). 

Deadline: 31st March 2024. Apply Here