Spurt! Brief January 2024. Vol 2.


Africa on the Rise: Don't Miss Out! 

Dear Valued Subscribers,

As we delve into 2024, the excitement is electric at Spurt! Our dedicated team is buzzing with ideas and innovations, all aimed at empowering our partners and clients to achieve phenomenal success. 

Africa's economic landscape is ablaze with growth, particularly in ten remarkable countries like Senegal, Libya, and Cote d'Ivoire. Key sectors like oil, gas, mining, and agriculture are fueling this surge, offering a glimpse into a bright future for the continent. 

While Africa shines, global real GDP growth faces challenges, dipping to 2.9% in 2023. This marks the lowest rate since the global financial crisis. Dive deeper into our insightful report! here

Meanwhile, here is what we have got for you today. 

  • Embracing Zero Trust in 2024 

  • Sync! Hackathon 2024  

  • Business News across Africa 

  • Grants and Opportunities.  

Embracing Zero Trust: Industry Trends Shaping Cybersecurity in 2024.   

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, even tech giants like Microsoft have been grappling with cybersecurity challenges. The year 2023 witnessed a surge in cyber threats, leading to the shutdown of several startups. Recent research reveals that organisations are increasingly prioritising Zero Trust. 

Think of it like this: in the digital world, trust no one. Not even your devices. Zero Trust, the hottest security trend, assumes everyone's a potential threat. It sounds extreme, but with hackers getting craftier, it's the future. 

A recent report by Cybersecurity Insiders has unfolded crucial insights on current trends in cybersecurity and we thought to share:  

Image (28).png

Ready to embrace Zero Trust in your organisation and need to understand basic strategies? Contact us today via email at growth@spurt.group  to learn how our expertise can help you implement a secure and future-proof Zero Trust strategy. 

Remember we are your growth partner, and we are always eager to assist you on your journey to success. 

Upcoming Event This Month: Introducing Sync! Hackathon 2024

image (29).png

Calling all problem-solvers, innovators, and tech enthusiasts! 

We are thrilled to announce that we are hosting the Sync! Hackathon 2024, a 48-hour event designed to tackle real-world challenges and shape a more collaborative future. 

 Do you know someone who: 

  • Thrives on finding creative solutions to complex problems? 

  • Is passionate about using technology to make a positive impact? 

  • Enjoys collaborating with others to achieve a common goal? 

 If so, then this hackathon is for them! 

For 48 hours, participants will team up to develop innovative solutions that address challenges in streamlining communication and workflows for the chance to win exciting cash prizes: The winning team will take home $350, and the first runner-up will win $200! 

We encourage you to share this opportunity with anyone who might be interested. The more creative minds we have on board, the better!

Tell them to register here and be a part of the Sync! Hackathon 2024 on the 31st January- 2nd February 2024.

Fuel Your Africa Dream with "Theories of Change", Spurt! Podcast for Change makers. 

Do you picture an Africa teeming with vibrant economies, empowered communities, and boundless opportunities? This vision isn't just a dream; it's a reality in the making, and "Theories of Change," a thought-provoking podcast by Spurt! Ltd. is your guide to exploring the possibilities. 

"Theories of Change" doesn't stop at ideas. It's your platform to contribute to the conversation and be a part of the solution. Share your voice, connect with change makers across Africa, and collaborate on initiatives that build a brighter future for all.  

Our Podcast is live and available here.

Business News This Week 

Ghana - Ghana’s rundown and debt-ridden economy has received a breather as the World Bank recently approved a $300 million Development Policy Operation for the country.  Read More Here.

Nigeria - Nigeria’s inflation is projected to drop to 21.5% in 2024, from the 24.5% recorded in 2023. This is according to the 2024 Macroeconomic Outlook produced by the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG).  Read More Here

Cameroon - The sustained rise in cocoa prices in Cameroon signals a promising 2023-2024 season in terms of producer remuneration.  Read More Here.  

Ghana- The governments of Ghana and the United States (US) have launched a five-year $25 million partnership to improve health services in the country.  Read More Here

South Africa- Shipments from South Africa’s biggest coal export facility dropped to the lowest in over three decades in 2023 as rail disruptions weighed on deliveries from mines.  Read More Here .

Grant and Opportunities   

  • Applications are now open for Kofi Annan Award for Innovation in Africa for social entrepreneurs 2024. The second edition of the Kofi Annan Award for Innovation in Africa is dedicated to recognising and supporting innovative ideas that improve food security and resilience across Africa. Open to all businesses who are on a mission to improve food security and resilience across Africa.

Grant Amount : Up to EUR250,000 Application Deadline: 8th February 2024. Apply Here 

  • Submissions are now open for the Spark Accelerator, a platform that helps brave and innovative startups create and expand their businesses. The goal is to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary resources to flourish, with a focus on impacting lives. Open to all Innovative Startups in Kenya. 

Application Deadline: 16th February 2024. Apply Here 

  • Application for the Tony Elumelu Foundation Grant 2024 is still open to all African Entrepreneurs. 

Grant Amount: Seed Capital of $5,000  Application Deadline: 1st March 2024.   Apply Here

  •  SoGal is inviting applications for Black Founder Startup Grant to Support Black Women & Black Non-Binary Founders.  

Funding Reward: Up to $10,000   Application Deadline: Ongoing.  Apply Here  

  • Application is ongoing for Norsken Accelerator for early-stage founders with a vision for a better future. Open to all African entrepreneurs.  

Grant Amount: Up to $125,000  Deadline: April 2024.  Apply Here