Spurt! Brief March 2024 Vol.2


Dear Valued Subscribers,

March was a powerful month for celebrating women's achievements and igniting your entrepreneurial spirit! We hosted a fireside chat to celebrate #IWD2024 event with amazing speakers who shared invaluable insights to help you navigate your journey.

Our phenomenal speakers left us feeling empowered and ready to tackle any challenge. Here are some golden nuggets of wisdom that resonated with us:

Princess reminded us that on tough days, we should look back at our past successes. “When you look back at what you have accomplished," she shared, "you are encouraged to move forward." It's a powerful reminder to celebrate your wins, big and small!

Ife championed the concept of "building in public." She acknowledged that it comes with its share of challenges but emphasised the importance of developing resilience. "You have to grow a thick skin," she advised, "but don't forget to take advantage of your support systems, especially at work. Surround yourself with people who have your back!"

Yewande tackled the fear of missing out with a thought-provoking perspective on choices. "Choices are regrets," she said, "but don't get stuck in that space! You can always pivot. No decision is right or wrong, it's the decision you took based on the information you had at the time." This is a powerful reminder to learn from your choices and keep moving forward.

Want to dive deeper? Head over to our post for a more detailed recap of the #IWD fire-chats and all the inspiring moments!

Empowering the Next Generation of Women Leaders


Before we officially say goodbye to March, let's celebrate the upcoming African Amazon Masterclass, happening today, March 28th in partnership with Oui Capital. This exclusive event will bring together incredible female founders and aspiring entrepreneurs, fostering a space for connection, learning, and growth. We can't wait to see the amazing ideas and businesses that emerge from this powerful event.

Now, let's shift gears and see what exciting things Spurt! has in store for you this month...

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The Power of Strategic Partnerships in Africa's Growth


Africa's economic landscape is undergoing a period of rapid transformation. With a growing middle class, rising disposable incomes, and a large tech scene, the continent presents a wealth of opportunities for businesses.

However, navigating this dynamic environment can be complex. Strategic partnerships can be a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes to overcome challenges and unlock new avenues for growth.

By teaming up with local companies, you gain:

Market Expertise: Local knowledge reduces costly mistakes and accelerates market entry.

Resource Optimisation: Share resources, reduce operational costs, and leverage each other's strengths.

Innovation Boost: Collaboration sparks creativity, leading to market-specific solutions.

An example of of successful partnerships in Africa is the Jumia & Mastercard partnership. Jumia, Africa's leading e-commerce platform, partnered with Mastercard to offer secure online payments, propelling their growth.

Ready to partner? Here's a quick start:

Find Your Match: Identify companies with complementary skills and a shared vision.

Define Goals: Outline clear objectives for the partnership.

Win-Win Strategy: Ensure mutual benefits for both parties.

Open Communication: Build strong communication channels for success.

Partnerships unlock Africa's potential. Find the right fit and watch your business thrive!

Business News This Week

Ghana- Ghana's financial landscape is undergoing a transformation with the arrival of PullGain, a new investment platform. Founded by a powerhouse duo – Anthony Akorful Botchway, a seasoned entrepreneur, and Paras Parmar, a user-centric design expert – PullGain aims to empower Ghanaians with accessible investment opportunities and bridge the financial inclusion gap. Read More Here.

Nigeria - Nigeria's broad money supply (M3) hit a record high of N95.56 trillion in February 2024, despite the Central Bank's efforts to curb inflation through stricter monetary policy. This represents a significant year-on-year increase of N42.26 trillion and a 1.96% rise since January 2024. M2, a narrower measure of money supply, also reached a new peak of N93.9 trillion in February. These figures, revealed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), raise questions about the effectiveness of current monetary tightening measures in controlling inflation. Read More Here.

Kenya- Kenya's stock market surges! The Nairobi exchange hit a record single-day turnover in 2024, fueled by a strengthening shilling, strong banking performance, and renewed investor interest. Read More Here.

South Africa - South Africa's booming fintech sector is expected to see big changes in 2024, driven by regulations, technology, and competition. Digital wallets are gaining traction, with over 50% of South Africans now using them for purchases. Read More Here

Grants and Opportunities

Call For Applications: WiDEF invites local entities to submit applications for grants and technical support to scale existing solutions that have made measurable progress toward closing the gender digital divide in their contexts and contribute to transformative approaches to digital inclusion. Grant Amount: Up to $1,500,000 Application Deadline: 6th May 2024. Apply Here.

Call For Applications: FAI Institute- Flapmax Women in AI Fellowship on Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) cohort 3. Flapmax is a data and AI technology company partnering with leading technology providers around the globe to identify and accelerate the market of sustainable technology solutions. Application Deadline: 8th April 2024. Apply Here.

Submissions are now open for the Climate Impact Innovations Challenge (CIIC), Indonesia’s largest climate innovations tech competition.CIIC provides a platform for tech innovators to showcase their sustainable innovations in addressing ecological challenges and mitigating the impacts of climate change. Open to participants globally. Grant Amount: $600,000. Application Deadline: 4th June 2024. Apply Here.

Call For Applications: HiiL Justice Accelerator Program 2024 For Startups in Nigeria, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda, Ethiopia and others. This year the HiiL Justice accelerator is focused on the most pressing challenges according to the Justice Needs and Satisfaction surveys in focus countries. Grant Amount: Up to €10,000. Deadline: 4th April 2024. Apply Here.