Spurt! Partners with Bujeti to Offer Enhanced Expense and Budget Management to Clients


At Spurt!, we are committed to helping businesses succeed by simplifying their operations. Recognising the challenges of managing multiple platforms, we are excited to announce our partnership with Bujeti, a comprehensive financial management solution.

This collaboration is aimed at revolutionising your business operations and fueling your growth.

About Bujeti

Bujeti is a comprehensive financial management platform tailored for businesses, offering unparalleled real-time insights into their finances. Regardless of size or industry, businesses can leverage Bujeti to streamline their financial operations seamlessly. Equipped with robust features including expense management, corporate cards, budgeting tools, reimbursements, fund collections, and seamless bank account syncing, Bujeti empowers businesses with the suite of tools necessary to manage their finances effectively.

Together, Spurt! and Bujeti offer:

Effortless Project Management: Our Sync! tool streamlines workflows and enhances collaboration, ensuring you meet deadlines and focus on core tasks.

Seamless Financial Management: Bujeti automates finances, providing insights to control expenses and streamline payments, unlocking your financial potential.

• ⁠Exclusive Discounts: Spurt! and Bujeti users receive discounts on both Sync! and Bujeti's financial management platform.

For Bujeti users, benefits include: • 5% discounts on Sync! and 15% discounts on Business Advisory Services including startup support, digital transformation, data analytics, strategic planning, and human capital development.

For Spurt! users, benefits include: • Three months free on yearly subscriptions, N10,000 kickback on the first month of annual subscription for the growth plan, and free virtual cards.

To activate your discount, sign up today on Bujeti using the referral code xtwLoqv9 or click here to get started

Harness the power of integrated finance tools to boost productivity and drive business growth!