SpurtX!: The Best Tool For African MSMEs

SpurtX!: The Tool That African MSMEs Have Been Waiting For

There’s no doubt that starting and running a business is hard. Your dreams and passions will propel you to start but before you wholly start the business, you already front challenges like funding and talent hunt (if your business requires a team). One cannot begin to list the different problems of MSMEs. For every problem, there is a solution and there have been proposed solutions to the challenges of MSMEs. However, SpurtX! solutions are brand new, innovative, seamless and swift. SpurtX! introduces you to new tools that will solve some major MSME problems. SpurtX tools include: Spot!, Sync!, Spark! and Spur!


A certain business man in Lagos was questioned on some challenges peculiar to him as a business owner. He owns a real estate firm in Lagos and he replied that funding and finding the right talent are some of the problems that he dreads. According to him, most of his employees were gotten through referrals.

One might say that he is lucky, lucky enough to find himself within a community of people that have access to skilled workers. Although in relation to employees, things are quite comfortable for him but he dreads when one of his employees would have leave. This is because it would be difficult for him to find new talents that would fit into the legacy he is building.



Spot! understands that finding top talents can be very challenging for MSMEs hence it provides a pool of top talents accessible by its users. It makes acquiring and retaining talents easy. These talents are usually tailored to the business’ industry. The talents these businesses would find with Spot! are those that are relevant to the type of activity the business is carrying out.

With Spot!, businesses can spot top talents easily and monitor the recruitment process seamlessly.



Funding. This might even be the problem hindering businesses from starting up. Our Lagos Business man also listed funding as part of his problems.

From our personal survey, another business man in Port-Harcourt and a business woman in Lagos stated funding as one of their business challenges. Funding is a problem that plagues African MSMEs. Most business owners get their funding from their own savings or family and friends. Funding, in addition to money management, shakes the soil that businesses are built upon.

Sync! is an online workspace that provides a money management tool. Also, Sync! users have access to lending platforms. Users of Sync! have access to financial management and security tools. An effective use of this tool might mean NO DECLARATION OF BANKRUPTCY.

Sync! has also made project management easy for business owners and freelancers. It is not tasking when business owners use Sync!. Users can monitor their projects, track milestones, and collaborate with their employees or contractors on projects with Sync!

The workspace is secure. Information passed across are on an end to end encrypted channel. Nobody can hack Into your workspace.



A great percentage of business owners in Nigeria believe in rewarding their employees for a job well done. Recognizing and rewarding employees display shows respect and gratitude for their effort. Businesses that reward employees tend to input a sense of loyalty in their employees.

It makes them trust their employer and this makes them work harder. Rewarding employees can also build a positive work environment, foster company and loyalty, improve employee engagement and boost productivity. With so much good energy in your business, you would attract top talents.

Spark! helps businesses create this healthy environment. It helps businesses foster company-employee loyalty by creating an employee reward system. Spark implements a healthy feedback culture that allows your business to thrive.



Another challenge is performance evaluation and management. This is caused by the lack of evaluation metrics and tools. As a business owner, knowing the productivity level of your employees can be very beneficial to your business. This can help MSMEs seamlessly delegate duties. It also aids them in appropriately compensating talents. Spur! solves this problem by helping businesses define their metrics and this ensures every team member is on track to meet their target.

In summary, challenges they say, are inevitable. There is no exception to businesses not even small and medium scale businesses. However, with the judicious use of SpurtX! tools you will not have to battle for long, or battle at all. I mean, what else have MSMEs been asking for?