Team Resilience is Dependent on Enabling Relationships Between Colleagues

Team Resilience is Dependent on Enabling Relationships Between Colleagues

At Spurt! we are constantly looking for ways to improve our team. This a week we reviewed 7 Strategies to Build a More Resilient Team by Keith Ferrazzi, Mary-Clare Race, and Alex Vincent for the Harvard Business Review.

The article identified four crucial features of a resilient team: candour, resourcefulness, compassion, and humility. It also suggested tried and tested ways leaders can cultivate practices that are radically adaptable, easy to implement a yield a high volume of co-elevating behaviours amongst team members. Leveraged in addition to other best practices, they ensure an organisation is protected against unprecedented challenges.

One of these unprecedented challenges has been the COVID-19 pandemic which has hit organisations hard leading them to for look innovative interventions which would bolster productivity through co-elevation. Apple amongst many other businesses has attributed their success to resilient, high-functioning teams.

A team’s resilience and efficiency require a great deal of personal empathy, self-awareness, and dedication from its members. By implementing practices which encourage co-elevating relationships leaders of organisations can create teams which make better decisions, build sounder relationships, and communicate more successfully.

It is important to note that the aforementioned personality dynamic may not come effortlessly to all team members or even their leaders, which is why it is important that they thoroughly asses where they are and cultivate strategies that will enable them adopt practices that promote team resilience and coworking.

These strategies include inviting outside experts to offer an objective perspective on team dynamics, encouraging teammates to express their fears and concerns with each other and ensuring the leaders regularly express their interest and dictation to their teams progress as well as other excellent practices shared in this article.“Team resilience is similar to a battery. It needs to be restored and recharged regularly”.

It is important that teammates are ready to grow not only as individuals but as a team. Spurt! offers a special suite of services focused on helping MSMEs develop processes for a company culture that ensures not only that team members value themselves but also the work they do together.