We reviewed ‘Employee Recognition: Low Cost, High Impact’ by Anne-Marie Mann and Nate Dvorska

We reviewed ‘Employee Recognition: Low Cost, High Impact’ by Anne-Marie Mann and Nate Dvorska

In this article, the writer informs us (the readers) of the benefits of recognizing employees, how employee recognition do not take the same form in every company and how money is not the only form of reward. No disagreement is thrown at these writers because they are absolutely correct. However, in this my article, I will subtly inform you of Spark! as we review Anna-Marie and Nate’s article. Spark! Is a business tool for employee recognition and feedback = happiness.

The writers acknowledge that talent hunt in the corporate world is a war. They write how business leaders are all about, looking for new ideas and strategies to retain their top performers while increasing organic growth and employee productivity but in their hunt for new ideas, they forget the most easily executed strategy: Employees recognition.

The company these writers work for, Gallup, has conducted an analysis in the US and according to Gallup’s analysis, only one in three workers in the US strongly agree that they receive recognition or praise for doing a great job. Further Gallup analysis has revealed that employees who do no not adequately feel recognized are twice as likely to say that they quit in the next year.

Workplace recognition motivates employees, these writers insist. Beyond communicating appreciation and providing motivation to recognized employees, the act of recognition also sends messages to other employees on how success feels like. Truth! Think about it. Personally, I would crave that recognition. Imagine your leaders and colleagues clapping for you as you stand in their midst or in front of them. Imagine their hails of a job well done, I would want that and I would be envious of anyone that has that.

According to Gallup’s research, when employees were asked what type of recognition were the most memorable, respondents emphasized the following

  • Public recognition or acknowledgement via an award, certificate or commendation.

  • Private recognition or acknowledgement from their boss.

  • Receiving or obtaining a high achievement through evaluations or reviews.

  • Promotion or increase in scope of work or responsibilities as this shows that their leaders trust them.

  • Monetary rewards.

  • Personal satisfaction.

Spark! Provides evaluation, review and feedback of employees’ performance. You want to have your employees, clamoring for Spark!’s evaluation and feedback.


Employees’ feedback should be frequent. Gallup recommends every seven days. Gallup also recommends that it should be timely to ensure that the employee knows the significance of the recent achievement and reinforce company values. The criteria for recognition should align with the purpose, brand and culture of the company and it should reflect its aspirational identity to inspire others.

The writers suggests that recognition can never be too much. As long as it is honest and deserved, it can never be over emphasized.

Together with the usage for Spark!, regular evaluation, feedback and recognition, you can offer fun programs or professional/personal development opportunities. You can distribute non-cash rewards by extending their deadlines or you can add 1 week extra to the leave of the highest performing employees. You can introduce something like a casual day, throw a competition or a potluck, and encourage peer to peer recognition or even the simplest thank you. Add thank you! Emphasis on “Add” because only “Thank you” might be mediocre and we don’t encourage mediocrity.

Use Spark! And add thank you to be exceptional.


Summarily, Anna Marie and Nate Dvrosaka of Gallup have composed an article on employee recognition with a lot of tips on how to do it and its benefits. Backed up with analysis, they have proven that employee recognition cannot be over emphasized. Finding top talent is one thing, retaining top talent is another which is critical to the success of a fast growing enterprise. Spark! ensures that you retain your top talent by providing a feedback and recognition system gotten from the evaluation and metrics it conducts.

You should choose from the options they have provided and add Spark! to be exceptional.